About Yulia

This is the official website of Yulia Buras, award-winning composer, arranger, and performer.

A native of Samara, Russia, Yulia has been studying music since she was a small child. She first tried her hand at composing as a teenager and has since produced numerous pieces. She received a degree in piano performance, pedagogy, and accompaniment at Samara Music College, one of the best in Russia. Her skill has given birth to stunning original works as well as beautiful arrangements of well-known hymns—many of which can be found on this website.

Yulia’s works have been featured in venues across the United States and around the world. She is considered by many to be a rising star with a rare gift. A number of her pieces were featured as part of the 2009 YSA Conference held at Fort Worth, Texas in September. I Serve, A Simple Story, Unto Me, and many others were included on the iServe compilation CD that accompanied the conference. The beautiful melodies and messages were brought to life by vocalist Suzanna Dodson.